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Performance comparison of experimental electric furnace and industrial furnace

      In most people's understanding, all requirements for industrial production belong to industrial electric furnaces. So what exactly is an industrial electric furnace, and what is the difference between an industrial electric furnace and an experimental electric furnace? According to the brief introduction of the technical engineer of Zhengzhou Kejia electric furnace, whether it is an industrial furnace or a laboratory furnace is essentially different. Next, we only introduce their use.
laboratory electric furnaces
    Industrial furnace is also called continuous furnace. The main components of industrial furnace are exhaust system, preheater and combustion device of industrial furnace. It has a temperature control function, and uses imported digital intelligent instruments inside, which have the characteristics of stable temperature control and high reliability of the instrument. With overheating protection function and other aspects.

    The laboratory furnace is called a batch furnace. It is a material with fast heating speed and uniform temperature. It is mainly used in power supply laboratories and can also meet the analysis of metal elements in the mining industry. Silicon carbide lining, full fiber insulation, high temperature resistance, easy to use and safe. In addition, it is equipped with programmable temperature control and special interface for electronic remote control and data acquisition.

    Knowing the difference in the use of industrial furnaces and laboratory electric furnaces, now we can easily distinguish the two.

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