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Introduction of Kejia Experimental Muffle Furnace


Introduction of Kejia Experimental Muffle Furnace:

Experimental Muffle Furnace

1. The hearth of Kejia experimental muffle furnace adopts imported alumina polycrystalline fiber material, which has good insulation performance, durability, high tensile strength, no impurities, high purity, and energy saving effect is obviously better than domestic fiber materials. The heating element is made of high-quality alloy Wire 0Cr27Al7Mo2, the highest temperature can reach 1700℃.

2. The furnace is heated on all sides. According to different temperatures, it can be heated by built-in resistance wires, or by silicon carbide rods and silicon molybdenum rods, with uniform temperature field;

3. Side-opening furnace door, upper-opening furnace door, and lower-opening furnace door, open the door and cut off the power;

4. The 485 conversion interface is reserved, which can be interconnected with the computer through software, which can realize the functions of remote control, real-time tracking, historical recording, output report and other functions of single or multiple electric furnaces; paperless recording devices can be installed to realize data storage , Output;

5. Over temperature alarm and power off, leakage protection, convenient operation, safe and reliable.

The main purpose and scope of application of the high temperature experimental muffle furnace:

University laboratories, scientific research institutes, industrial and mining enterprise laboratories are used for sintering cermet materials, heat treatment of small steel parts, and quality inspection.

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