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Precautions for operation of box-type resistance furnace

  ① When the experimental muffle furnace temperature is higher than 400℃, it is not allowed to open the furnace door to cool down.

②The maximum operating temperature does not exceed 950℃.

③The furnace load should not be too large, and the temperature drop should not be greater than 50℃.

④Do not use excessive force when installing the furnace to avoid damage to the furnace bottom.

⑤Always pay attention to whether the electrical appliances of the instrument and electrical control box work normally.

⑥The newly installed or overhauled furnace should be placed at room temperature for 2 to 3 days and nights after the decoration. The electrician uses a 500V megohmmeter to check that the resistance of the three-phase electric heating element to the ground (furnace shell) should be greater than 0.5MΩ before it can be powered on. The following process power supply baking.

100~200℃ 15~20h furnace door open

300~400℃ 8~10h furnace door open

550~600℃ 8h furnace door closed

750~800℃ 8h furnace door closed

Remove the cover plate of the furnace shell during the drying process, so that the water vapor in the masonry can easily escape.

⑦After the newly overhauled or newly installed furnace is used for one month, the state of the diatomaceous earth at the top of the furnace should be checked, and if it sinks, it should be filled again.

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