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The main purpose and classification of dental furnace

     Dental furnace is a general equipment in dental laboratories. Among them are digital programmable functions, high-quality appearance, large touch screen, high temperature accuracy, high vacuum accuracy and other outstanding features.
Dental furnace
       Dental furnaces are mainly used to produce dental restorations such as crowns, bridges, and inlays. Dental furnaces use high temperature and high pressure treatment to harden the materials into the final state. These dental furnaces can be divided into several categories, including zirconia sintering furnaces, porcelain casting furnaces, denture crystallization furnaces and glass melting furnaces. For processing conventional and glass ceramics, regardless of whether those materials have been engraved, layered or waxed, put into pressurizing, sintering and pressurizing furnaces are often combined into a single unit. The zirconia sintering furnace can reach the extreme temperatures required to process zirconia. The glazing furnace is used to set certain stains and glazes that add final shade details to restoration.
      Many modern dental stoves are equipped with touch screen controls, pre-set programs and even the ability to connect to the Internet. When buying a furnace for your dental laboratory, it is important to ensure that the furnace can handle certain materials of yours.

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