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Detailed introduction and use of laboratory crucible boiler

     The crucible furnace is usually composed of quartz crucible or alumina crucible, stainless steel flange, high-purity heating element, alumina polycrystalline fiber furnace and 30-segment programmable automatic control system. The maximum temperature can reach 1600℃. It is mainly used in laboratories and research institutions for calcination of high-purity compounds in a vacuum or atmosphere, annealing or diffusion of semiconductor substrates, sintering of ceramic materials, component analysis, quality inspection, ashing, etc.
    Our company’s crucible furnace has side-opening and top-opening types. When I first saw the crucible furnace, I always involuntarily linked it with the vacuum atmosphere furnace and the high-temperature tube furnace. So when we recommend the furnace type to customers , According to the customer's purpose, the shape, size, state of the processed sample and the customer's specific requirements, we recommend a suitable furnace type for customers to choose.
    Compared with other furnace types, the crucible furnace makes it easier and safer for customers to take and place samples and operate; the circular furnace design allows the samples to be heated more evenly from three sides when heating; the furnace is equipped with a travel switch, when the furnace door Turn on the power and automatically cut off, which can effectively ensure the safety of users.
crucible furnace
crucible furnace
crucible furnace
   At the same time, according to the different needs of customers, our company can customize various furnace types. As shown in the above picture, the customer requires the crucible to be made of stainless steel. The right side is connected with the vertical tube furnace to form a heating system. The left side crucible furnace is fed with gas and samples. The gas produced by the reaction enters the tube furnace through the thin tube, and reacts with the sample in the furnace tube after heating to meet the customer's experimental requirements.

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