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2020 New technology and New highlights-All furnaces can remote control.

2020 New technology and New highlights-All furnaces can remote control.

Features and Advantages:
1.Simple operation.
2.Flexible data transmission.
3.Remote real-time control.

Detailed introduction about Remote Control:
● True color TFT LCD display, LED backlight, rich real content
● High-performance processor, 4GB Flash + 512M DDR3. Responsive.
● Use Haiwell Cloud SCADA cloud configuration software programming management
● Intelligent management, support PC/mobile terminal access control, strong operability.
● The user can ensure the security of the device through the A/B Key security authorization mechanism
● Rich interfaces. Standard RJ45 interface, 2 serial ports (232/422/485), 2 USB interfaces, SD card. Optional WIFI, 4G network. Can realize remote control.
● Support to upgrade the firmware via the Internet, which can improve the stability, sensitivity and response speed of the screen.

Remarks: This feature is optional for all furnaces.

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