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Three muffle furnaces customized by a Vietnamese trading company have been delivered

     Three muffle furnaces of our Zhengzhou Kejia electric furnace customized by a Vietnamese trade company have been delivered. Among them, two medium and low temperature muffle furnaces have a maximum working temperature of 1200℃ and a long-term working temperature of 1100℃; one medium and high temperature muffle furnace Furnace, the maximum working temperature is 1700℃, and the long-term working temperature is 1600℃. The main advantages of these two high-temperature muffle furnaces are: fast heating and cooling rate, uniform temperature field, and intelligent 30-segment programmable control.
muffle furnaces
muffle furnaces
    In addition, according to the contract signed by both parties, Party A (customer) needs to pay a 50% deposit, and the balance will be paid within two working days after the completion of the installation and commissioning of the goods; Party B (Zhengzhou Kejia Electric Furnace Co., Ltd.) will deliver the equipment to At the location designated by the customer, the freight shall be paid by Party B. Product one-year warranty (except for related consumable parts, such as heating elements and other consumable parts), and lifetime maintenance.

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