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Heating process characteristics of high temperature resistance furnace

       High temperature resistance furnace heating process refers to the heat treatment of workpiece and sintering process of materials, mainly including heating temperature, heating speed, heating time, heating system, furnace atmosphere and pressure, etc. For the workpiece of the same material, different heating processes have different effects on the workpiece characteristics, and they are quite different. On the contrary, the same heating process has different effects on the workpiece characteristics of different materials. The heating process is developed according to the properties of workpiece materials and the purpose of heat treatment, which is scientific and targeted, and is generally completed by technical personnel. Operators should make clear the contents of the heating process, understand their impact on the workpiece, and help to understand and correctly implement the heating process.
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     In the heating process, the heating temperature of the high temperature resistance furnace refers to the highest temperature for processing the workpiece and the temperature at the end of the furnace heating process. In a heating process, there is only one heating temperature point.

     Heating system, also known as heating temperature process curve, refers to the process of heating, heat preservation and cooling included in the heating process, including heating temperature, heating speed in each stage and the corresponding temperature and time, among which temperature and time are two important parameters of the heating system.

     The heating speed specifies the speed of heating the workpiece. In the heating system, it is called the rate of rising / cooling, which is generally expressed as ° C / h or ° C / min.

    Heating time refers to the whole heating duration from the beginning of heating to the end of heating, that is, the time specified in the heating system
    The atmosphere in the furnace refers to whether the furnace is in the state of inflation or vacuum. When heating in gas filled state, the type, property and pressure of the gas shall be specified in the process. Most of the gas filled resistance furnaces use hydrogen, nitrogen, argon or air as the working medium and work under positive pressure. When heating in vacuum state, the vacuum degree to be achieved shall be specified.

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