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How To Choose Muffle Furnace In A Right Way


Choosing right furnace will make you own a more perfect experiment.But how to do can find it?

The main part of the high-temperature furnace (muffle furnace) of:
1.Quality of insulation materials;
2.Mass heating element;
3.Quality appliances;
4.Quality of housing.
I. Selection of quality insulation material.
First, you should know the temperature your experimental quires, such as common experimental temperature is 1000℃, then the insulation material of high-temperature furnace (muffle furnace) must be able to reach high temperatur of 1100 ℃ -1200 ℃, the highest temperature of the electric furnace is able to reach 1100-1200℃so that you can meet your requirements experiments and make it achieve the longest life under normal use, be without the abnormal situation,be in favor of the experiment.
II. How to judge the quality of the heating element is good or bad?
High-temperature furnace (muffle furnace) heating element: resistance wire, molybdenum silicon rod and silicon carbide. The three heating element choice above is based on the highest temperature of experiments that customers need. Resistance wire is usually choosed for the temperature of 1000-1200℃, silicon carbide for 1300℃. Of course, the choice for higher temperature has the higher price.
III. How to choose the furnace of muffle furnace?
Muffle furnace can be divided into four levels by furnace :
1.Made up of Refractories, low cost, heating restricted;
2.High temperature aluminum furnace, suitable carbon-experiment;
3.Silicon carbide furnace, high price, the advantage is heating up not too fast, heating effect is good;
4. Ceramic fiber furnace, high price, the advantage is heating up fast, part temperature is too high, so it is easy to burn the furnace. I advice that you’d better choose the high temperature muffle furnace with silicon carbide furnace, because it is safer according to every aspect.

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