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Five environmentally friendly intelligent regeneration box furnaces customized by domestic customers

    DPF regeneration technology, that is, the ceramic filter and its accessories are placed in the heating chamber and heated to 550-600°C, so that the urea crystals are heated to decompose and ash, and at the same time other particles are heated to loosen; and then the high-speed airflow is passed through the small holes of the ceramic filter, Take away the particles in the small holes and restore the ceramic filter to its original state.
DPF box regeneration furnace
    When choosing SCR or DPF (environmental protection) regeneration furnace, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the furnace size, temperature, temperature uniformity, environmental protection and other issues.
    The SCR and DPF (environmental protection) regeneration furnaces produced by Zhengzhou Kejia Furnace Co., Ltd. are energy-saving, environmentally friendly, rapid heating, uniform temperature, good insulation effect, and preferential prices. They are a wise choice for SCR and DPF (environmental protection) regeneration furnaces.
Main purpose: suitable for environmentally friendly recycling of SCR and DPF by auto parts manufacturing, sales, and maintenance companies.
    Zhengzhou kejia furnace company provides a 1year warranty for the equipment provided (except for vulnerable parts). During the warranty period, equipment damage or malfunction caused by the quality of the equipment will be repaired free of charge. After the warranty period expires, lifelong, high-quality maintenance services are still provided.


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