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A company in Wuxi signed a high-temperature box furnace purchase and sale contract with our company

     A company in Wuxi and our Zhengzhou Kejia Electric Furnace signed a purchase and sale contract for a high-temperature box furnace. The product model is KJ-M1700. This equipment uses a polycrystalline fiber refined furnace, which has high heating efficiency and long service life. It uses silicon molybdenum rod heating elements. The maximum operating temperature can reach 1700℃; vacuum insulation technology, dual platinum and rhodium thermocouples and PID intelligent 30-segment temperature control system are adopted; this box-type high temperature furnace has the advantages of fast temperature rise and fall, high efficiency and energy saving, and uniform temperature field.
high-temperature box furnace
   This is a box-type electric furnace customized according to the customer's specific technical requirements. The two parties signed a purchase and sale contract on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. We deliver the equipment to the location designated by the customer within the specified time. In addition, the customer must pay the deposit and the balance within the specified time.

  In addition, our Zhengzhou Kejia electric furnace can also customize various types of tube furnaces, vacuum furnaces, muffle furnaces, zirconia sintering furnaces, atmosphere furnaces and other laboratory heating equipment, as well as silicon molybdenum rods, silicon carbide rods, thermocouples, quartz Tube lamp electric stove accessories. Customers can customize according to their own needs. Here, we welcome customers to visit our company!


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