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What are the components of the vacuum system

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       The vacuum system of the vacuum sintering furnace is composed of vacuum pumps, vacuum valves, vacuum measuring instruments, cold traps, pipelines, etc. Today, we will introduce two vacuum systems for you, one is low vacuum, and the other One is a vacuum system with a mechanical booster pump.
vacuum sintering furnace
     One is the low vacuum system, which is often used in vacuum sintering furnaces with a vacuum degree of 2-1333pa. Generally, this system is used for pre-vacuum furnaces.

     The second is a vacuum system with a mechanical booster pump, the vacuum degree is 1.33-3*10﹣¹pa, and the vacuum quenching furnace is generally used for this vacuum system.
     In addition, there are high vacuum systems and high vacuum systems with booster pumps, which are generally suitable for vacuum heat treatment furnaces, vacuum atmosphere furnaces, and vacuum quenching furnaces with a vacuum degree of 1.3*10﹣²-6.6*10﹣4pa.

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