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Correct operation steps and daily maintenance of box type resistance furnace

      This article mainly describes the correct operation steps and daily maintenance of box-type resistance furnaces. Today, our Kejia electric furnace takes a medium-temperature box-type resistance furnace as an example to describe in detail.
box type resistance furnace
1. Preparation before opening

① Check whether there are tools or other conductive materials in the electrical control box. If there are any forgotten workpieces in the furnace, they should be removed in time.

②Check whether the electrical switch contacts are normal after closing.

③Check whether the temperature control instrument works normally, and turn on its switch to make it in working condition.

2. Open furnace production

① Set the temperature of the automatic temperature control instrument according to the process requirements.

②Put the control "handle" on the position of automatic control to heat up.

③The cold furnace is heated up, and the workpiece can be loaded into the workpiece after the temperature is maintained for 2 hours, continuous production, and continuous furnace loading is allowed.

④ The workpiece should be placed evenly and stably in the furnace, and no contact between the workpiece and the heating wire is allowed.

⑤ Operate strictly in accordance with the process regulations.

3. Shut down the furnace

Turn off the instrument switch, turn off and open the power switch.

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