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A technology company in Beijing signed a contract for the purchase and sale of tube furnaces with our company

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     A technology company in Beijing has signed a tube furnace purchase and sale contract with our Zhengzhou Kejia Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. This high-temperature tube furnace is a customized equipment. After many technical communication between the two parties, our company produces according to the specific technical requirements of customers.
tubular furnace price
  According to contract requirements:
  The customer pays the advance payment within three days after the contract is signed, and the balance is paid before delivery. After receiving the advance payment, our company will place an order for production.
  Delivery method: We will deliver the tube furnace to the place designated by the customer and bear the freight.
  Customer acceptance requirements: We design and produce in accordance with technical parameters, and customers perform acceptance inspections in accordance with the technical parameters attached to the contract.
  Quality Assurance: From the date of delivery, non-human damage, free repair or replacement of product quality problems within one year, and lifelong maintenance. The product warranty period is one year (except for consumable parts).

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