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Muffle Furnace Caution

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When you use your muffle furnace,you'd better follow the ways below,but just some advice for you.

1、The sample is put in a low temperature muffle furnace generally, avoid sudden temperature makes sample splash.Crucible (and there are several crucible for a time) can be placed in a crucible rack sending muffle furnace necessary. 
2、The oven can remove residual moisture in furnace, opening the door means to retain a seam about 10mm, the requirements specification is on a scientific basis, to protect the hearth refractories due to sudden temperature changes without cracking.
3、Turn off the power to the cooling muffle furnace, but do not open the oven door to prevent damage to the sharp decline in temperature refractories. 
4、It is recommended to remove carbonizatio of a sample of organic matter on the low-temperature furnace heated openly after sending a muffle furnace. 
5、Because the air in muffle furnace is not enough,If you send samples directly to the muffle furnace, the organic matter can not be completely removed.

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