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  • 2200℃ vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace


    Continuous Temp:

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    product description:
            KJ-V2200-160G vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace is a vertical vacuum resistance furnace that uses graphite as a heating element, with a frame-type double-pillar support outside. There is a hydraulic cylinder lifted and lowered as a pressure source for metal compounds, ceramics, inorganic compounds, nano materials, etc. to heat and press products in a vacuum or protective atmosphere.
    Structure and composition:
         KJ-V2200-160G vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace is mainly composed of furnace body, furnace cover, furnace cover lifting system, furnace bottom, heating and heat preservation and temperature measurement system, pressure system, vacuum system, water cooling system, control system, etc.
    Product Usage:
          KJ-V2200-160G vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace can combine vacuum/atmosphere, hot pressing forming and high temperature sintering. It is suitable for high temperature hot forming of new materials such as powder metallurgy and functional ceramics, such as transparent ceramics, industrial ceramics, etc. Vacuum sintering of metals and alloy materials composed of refractory metals and high-temperature sintering of ceramic materials silicon carbide and silicon nitride can also be used for the heat treatment of powder or compacts at a temperature lower than the melting point of the main components, with the purpose of passing particles Metallurgical bonding between to improve its strength.
        The structure design of KJ-V2200-160G vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace is advanced and reasonable, and the design and manufacturing meet the corresponding national and industry standards and specifications, and can meet the user's requirements. The energy saving effect of the equipment is good. It is convenient and simple to use, operate and maintain, beautiful in appearance, safe and reliable, and excellent after-sales service. The supporting products and components have the international advanced level, which can meet the long-term, stable, safe and reliable production demand.
    Product parameter
    product name
     2200℃ vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace
    Product number
    Maximum temperature
    Operating temperature
    Working size
     φ160mm x 160mm (diameter x height)
    Ultimate vacuum
     6.67 x 10-3pa (empty furnace, cold state, purified)
    Pressure rise rate
     0.67 Pa/h
    Temperature control zone
     One zone temperature control
    Maximum pressure 0-20T (adjustable, can be manually or automatically boosted to maintain pressure, pressure fluctuation is less than or equal to 0.01MP)
    Vacuum configuration 2X-70 mechanical pump + KT300 diffusion pump + pneumatic high vacuum butterfly valve + vacuum pipeline
    Electrical control: Mitsubishi PLC+touch screen+all kinds of electrical components, realize over-temperature, over-pressure, water under-pressure alarm, gas over-pressure interlocking function
    Inflatable body
     Inert gas such as argon and nitrogen for experimental protection
    Inflation pressure
     ≤0.05MPa (Slightly positive pressure, deflation can be automatically adjusted when exceeded)
    Indenter diameter
     80mm (using Toyo Carbon graphite, can withstand pressure greater than or equal to 63MP)
    Maximum stroke 100mm (single upward pressure head pressure)
    Heating power 380V, 55KW
    Pressure rise rate ≤4Pa/h
    Temperature control method Programmable program automatic control
    Temperature control element Tungsten rhenium thermocouple + two-color infrared thermometer
    Heating element Toyo Carbon graphite
    Insulation material Toyo Carbon graphite hard stick + graphite soft stick (hard stick is treated at 2600 degrees, hard stick is treated at 1600 degrees, soft stick has the effect of heat preservation)
    Furnace structure The door is open at the top, the furnace body can be used as double-layer stainless steel or the inner layer of stainless steel and the outer layer is made of high-quality carbon steel
    Water-cooled equipment Standard configuration of water chiller, small footprint, convenient and practical
    Panel display and electric interlocking current, voltage, temperature, vacuum, water pressure, electric interlocking and sound and light alarm
    Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
    Temperature uniformity ±5℃
    Displacement test curve control accuracy ±0.05mm

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