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  • 1200℃ single temperature zone sliding rail furnace


    Continuous Temp:

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    Specific Introduction:
       KJ-1200X-80SL is a CE certified & UL Ready slideable tube furnace with 3" IDx55" L Quartz tube and flanges and a maximum working temperature up to 1200°C. One pair of sliding rail is installed on the bottom of the furnace to allow sliding the furnace from one side to another to achieve max. heating and cooling rates up to 100°C/min. For fastest heating, the furnace may be pre-heated to the desired temperature and then be slide to the sample's position. As for fastest cooling, the furnace can be slide to another side after sample heating is completed. Moreover, the heating and cooling rates may reach 15°C/s under vacuum or inert gasses. This furnace provides an alternative for rapid thermal processing at the lowest cost.
    Furnace Structure
    • Double layer steel structure with dual air cooling fans 
    • One pair of sliding rails are installed on the bottom of the furnace, which allows the furnace to be manually moved from side to side
    • Vacuum flanges and a digital vacuum gauge are installed for immediate use.
    • Sliding rail length is about 1200mm, the furnace can slide 600 mm distance
    Power 2.5KW
    Voltage AC 208-240V Single Phase, 50/60 Hz
    Max. Temperature 1200°C (<1 hour)
    Continuous Temperature 1100°C
    Heating& Cooling Rates
    The max heating and cooling rate is achieved by pre-heat one side of processing tube to the target temperature and then slide the furnace to the other side. You may choose to place the sample in the pre-heat area or not
    Heating Zone Length 440mm ( single zone )
    Constant Temperature Zone 120mm (+/-1°C @ 400-1200°C)
    Heating Elements Fe-Cr-Al Alloy doped by Mo
    Processing Tube Size High purity fused quartz tube
    O.D. : 3.2" (80 mm)
    I.D. : 3.0" (75 mm)
    Length: 55" (1400 mm)
    Two foam ceramic blocks are included which must be placed inside tube to avoid heat radiation damaging O-ring
    Temperature Controller
    • PID automatic control with 30 programmable segments for precise control of heating rate, cooling rate and dwell time.
    • Built-in over temperature alarm and protection allows for operation without an attendant.
    • Two K-type thermal couples are included.  One is built in the furnace to control furnace temperature, and another inserted into the tube to monitor sample real temperature profile.
    • One NIST certified thermometer is included to connect to the thermal couple inside the tube. the meter has RS485 Interface with Windows Software which can record temperature profile by PC.
    • PC control module is included. 
    • Advanced Temperature Control (Optional)
      • MTS02-Y Temperature control software kit + 15" laptop package is available at the options bar. 
      • You may upgrade the temperature controller to the Eurotherm 3504 Temperature Controller which is fully compatible with LabVIEW. This package includes a Eurotherm 3504 programmer, a communication cable (RS485 - USB) and a software CD.
    Temperature Accuracy +/ - 1°C
     Vacuum Flanges
    • Stainless steel vacuum flanges are installed on both ends of the tube with heavy duty support.
      • Right flange: flange, fittings for the vacuum gauge are included. The bellow, KF25 adapter, KF25 clamp are not included. 
      • Left flange: one needle valve and 1/4" thermocouple feed-through and digital vacuum gauge.
      • An 24" length x 1/4" Dia. K type thermocouple (included) connected to an Omega temperature calibrator (included) will be inserted through this flange to monitor the heating and cooling rates of the sample's position during furnace sliding.
     Vacuum Level 
    • Limited by the pump ( pump is not included)
      • 10E-5 torr can be reached by the molecular pump
      • 10E-2 torr by a mechanical pump.
     Sliding Rails / Table Double sliding rail made by Cr-plated steel
    Sliding length: 1200 mm
    One slide stopping clamp is included for holding the position of the furnace.
     Dimensions  550 x 380 x 520  mm ( furnace only)
    1500 x 380 x 620 mm ( furnace + sliding )
     Net Weight ~ 100 Kg
    Shipping Package Size 60" x 40" x 45" (inch)
    Shipping Weight 305 lbs
    Warranty One year limited manufacturer's warranty (Consumable parts such as processing tubes, O-rings and heating elements are not covered by the warranty, please order replacements at related products page).

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