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Beijing First University purchased a vacuum atmosphere furnace from our company

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     This month, Beijing First University signed a purchase and sale contract with our company for the vacuum atmosphere furnace, which is a customized equipment according to the customer's technical requirements. The model of this vacuum high temperature atmosphere furnace is KJ-A1200-45L. The long-term working temperature of the equipment is 1100℃, and the maximum working temperature is 1200℃. In addition, this equipment can either be vacuumed or ventilated. The production cycle is 20 working days.
vacuum atmosphere furnace
    Our company will deliver the equipment to the address designated by the customer within the specified time and assist the customer in installation and debugging. In addition, we promise to customers: from the date of delivery, non-human damage, free repair or replacement of product quality problems within one year, and lifelong maintenance. This product has a one-year warranty (except for consumable parts) and lifetime warranty.

    The following are the relevant technical parameters of this atmosphere furnace, more models can be customized according to the specific technical requirements of customers:

Product name: Atmosphere furnace

Product model KJ-A1200-45L

Effective size of furnace: 150*150*200mm

Normal working temperature: 1100℃

Maximum working temperature: 1200℃
Furnace material: alumina polycrystalline fiber

Temperature control method: Intelligent 30-segment programmable control (users can choose LCD touch screen display)

Sealing system: The furnace door and roof are sealed with high temperature silicone rubber, and the furnace door is equipped with a water cooling system. The furnace has an air inlet and an air outlet that can pass hydrogen, argon, nitrogen and other gases, and can be vacuumed.

Constant temperature accuracy: ±1℃

Temperature control protection: with over-temperature and burnout protection function

Heating rate: 0~20℃/min

Heating element: resistance wire

Working voltage: AC 220V single-phase 50HZ (circuit voltage users can choose to customize)

After-sales service 12 months warranty, lifetime warranty


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