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Zhengzhou Kejia PECVD system delivered to Harbin

Time:2021-02-26 Click:95
      Zhengzhou Kejia Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. signed a PECVD system purchase and sale contract with Harbin First University. The PECVD system (i.e. PECVD equipment) is mainly composed of 1200 type 80 * 200 -- 200 double temperature zone tube furnace, three channel gas proton flowmeter, RF power supply, vacuum pump and other connectors;

    This set of PECVD equipment is a customized product, the technical parameters are in accordance with the teacher's requirements, cost-effective, suitable for school to do experiments. The set of high temperature heating equipment can be vacuumized or gassed. The supporting components are made of high-quality materials or from well-known manufacturers.

PECVD system
    In addition, Zhengzhou Kejia Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. can also customize laboratory heating equipment such as high temperature box furnace, atmosphere tube furnace, vacuum box furnace, high temperature crucible furnace, atmosphere reduction furnace, dental lifting furnace, zirconia sintering furnace, denture crystallization furnace and other laboratory heating equipment. We can make the most suitable products for you according to your specific requirements.


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