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Diffusion Oxidation Furnace
Diffusion Oxidation Furnace

Diffusion Oxidation Furnace



Diffusion/oxidation furnace is an important process of semiconductor production line. Diffusion is to use the principle of thermal diffusion to dope impurity elements into the silicon substrate according to the required depth under high temperature conditions to make it have a specific concentration distribution to change the electrical characteristics of the material. The purpose of forming a semiconductor device structure. It can be used to make PN junctions or form resistors, capacitors, diode

Product Description:
●It can meet closed-tube dry oxygen oxidation, wet oxygen oxidation, hydrogen oxygen synthesis oxidation, diffusion, annealing at atmospheric pressure, annealing/propulsion, alloying and other processes
●Using high-reliability industrial control computer + PLC mode, automatic control of furnace temperature, advancing and retreating boat, gas flow, and valves are used to realize all process automation;
●With a friendly man-machine interface, users can easily modify the process control parameters, and can display various process status at any time;
●With a variety of process pipelines for users to choose conveniently;
●It has powerful software functions and is equipped with fault self-diagnosis software, which can greatly save maintenance time;
●Automatic adjustment of the constant temperature zone, cascade control, can accurately control the actual process temperature of the reaction tube;
●With over-temperature, broken couple, thermocouple short circuit, process gas flow deviation alarm and protection functions;
●Products can be customized according to user requirements.

Technical index:
●Applicable chip size: 2~8 inch wafer
●Working temperature: 600℃~1300℃;
●The number of process tubes that can be equipped: 1~4 tubes/set
●Length and accuracy of constant temperature zone: ≤±0.5℃/600~800mm (800℃~1300℃),
● Single-point temperature stability: ≤±0.5℃℃ /24h (1100℃);
●Temperature ramp capability: the maximum heating rate is 20℃/min, the maximum cooling rate is 5℃/min;

  Semiconductor integrated circuits, advanced packaging, power electronics (IGBT), micromachines (MEMS), photovoltaic cells (Photovoltaic) manufacturing and other fields, suitable for 2~8 inch process size diffusion, oxidation, annealing and alloy processes.
Diffusion Oxidation Furnace
Diffusion Oxidation Furnace

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