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The customized rapid heating zirconia sintering furnace of Alcron has been delivered

Time:2021-02-26 Click:90
       The customized rapid heating zirconia sintering furnace of aerchuang, the top three dental material strength enterprises in China, has been delivered. It's a great honor to receive the consultation from the R & D professor of Liaoning aerchuang Medical Service Co., Ltd. According to the requirements of the professor and the design of professional and technical engineers, our company has finally completed the first rapid temperature rise zirconia sintering furnace, which can reach 60 ℃ / min, and can be used for a long time. This cooperation with the R & D center of aerchuang has made new progress in creating new technology of dental sintering furnace. It is hoped that aerchuang can develop more and more advanced dental materials. At present, the professor's feedback shows that the furnace operates well and achieves the expected effect!
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