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  • 1200℃ Split Long Tube Furnace


    Continuous Temp:1200℃

    Chamber/Tube size: Φ80 x 1400mm or Φ100 x 1400mm or Φ130 x 1400mm


    Specific Introduction:
        KJ-1200X-5L is an openable lengthened single-zone tube furnace with a tube size of 5 inches and a maximum temperature of 1200°C. The furnace body uses a double-layer air-cooled structure, and the surface temperature of the furnace body is ≤60°C. The furnace chamber is formed by high-purity alumina microcrystalline fiber by high-temperature vacuum adsorption. The surface of the inner furnace is coated with imported high-temperature alumina coating material at 1750℃ to improve the reflectivity and heating efficiency of the equipment and the cleanliness of the furnace, while prolonging the service life of the instrument. Imported heating resistance wire inlay to extend the service life of the furnace body. It is specially designed for universities, research institutes, laboratories, and industrial and mining enterprises to sinter and melt metals, non-metals and other compounds in a variety of controlled atmospheres and vacuum conditions. Special ideal equipment developed for analysis.

    Main feature
    • ·Using ABB electrical components
    • ·In order to ensure safe use, the electric furnace is designed to open the door and cut off power
    • ·Double-layer shell structure with air cooling system
    • ·The furnace material adopts high-purity alumina fiber, which can minimize energy loss
    • ·Can be used as a module, DIY ALD CVD PVD evaporation furnace, rotary furnace, etc. (please call for details)
    • ·Using high-purity alumina as the furnace material, the surface of the furnace is coated with high temperature alumina coating imported from the United States, which can improve the heating efficiency and furnace life
    Basic parameters
    • ·Maximum temperature: 1200℃ (≤30min) Working temperature: 1100℃
    • ·Recommended heating rate: ≤10℃/min
    • ·Heating area: 880 mm
    • ·Thermocouple: K-type thermocouple. Heating element: Mo-FeCr-Al alloy
    • ·Voltage: 220V, rated power: 7KW
    Furnace structure & temperature control
    • · Equipped with a pair of stainless steel sealing flanges, sealed with silicone sealing ring
    • ·Quartz tube caliber optional: Φ80 x 1400mm or Φ100 x 1400mm or Φ130 x 1400mm
    • ·A mechanical pressure gauge is installed with a measuring range of -0.1~0.15MP
    • ·Adopt PID method to adjust the temperature, 30 sections of temperature rise and fall programs can be set
    • ·With over-temperature and burnout protection
    • Mechanical pump: 10^-2 torr
    • Molecular pump: 10^-5 torr
    Product Size
    • · Dimensions when closed: 1100mm(L)×450mm(W)×670mm(H)
    • · Dimensions when opening: 1100mm(L)×450mm(W)×670mm(H)
    • ·Furnace size: Φ150X900
    • Net weight: 80kg
    Warranty One year warranty and lifetime technical support.
    Special tips: 1. Consumable parts such as heating elements, quartz tubes, sample crucibles, etc. are not included.
    2. Damage caused by the use of corrosive and acid gases is not covered by the warranty.

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