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  • 1500℃ rotary tube furnace


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    Specific Introduction:
        KJ-1500X-OTF-R is a single-temperature zone rotary tube furnace whose maximum temperature can reach 1500℃. It is specially designed to evenly mix and burn inorganic mixtures in a vacuum or atmosphere protection environment.
    Furnace Feature ·Equipped with the function of opening the door and cutting off the power to improve the safety of the experiment
    ·The furnace body can be tilted and the tilt angle is adjustable (-5~35o).
    ·Open design of furnace body, convenient to replace furnace tube.
    Basic parameters ·Temperature: 1400℃ (1500℃<1h)
    ·Recommended heating rate: ≤5℃/min
    ·Constant temperature accuracy: ±1℃
    ·Thermocouple: S-type thermocouple
    ·Power supply: AC220, 50Hz
    ·Power: Max 6KW
    Heating element and temperature control system ·1500 grade silicon carbide rod
    ·Contains a temperature controller
    ·PID automatic temperature control system
    ·Intelligent 30-segment programmable control
    ·Default DB9 PC communication connection port
    ·Passed MET certification
    ·Computer temperature control software can be purchased to control the heating curve and export data.
    Furnace structure and tube size ·Double-layer shell structure with air cooling system
    ·High-purity alumina fiber as the furnace material (the surface is coated with high-temperature alumina coating, which can improve the heating efficiency and extend the life of the furnace)
    ·A DC motor drives the furnace tube to rotate, and the speed is adjustable.
    ·Corundum tube
    ·Size: 60mm OD*54mm ID*1200mm L
    Flange Using magnetic fluid flange seal
    size L1800mm* W700mm * H1250mm
    weight 130Kg
    Warranty One-year warranty, lifetime maintenance
    Special tips: 1. Consumable parts such as heating elements, quartz tubes, sample crucibles, etc. are not included.
               2. Damage caused by the use of corrosive gas and acid gas is not covered by the warranty.

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