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Introduction of vacuum atmosphere furnace

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         The vacuum atmosphere furnace used in the Kejia laboratory integrates the control system and the furnace, with a compact and beautiful structure. Furnace lining adopts high-purity alumina polycrystalline fiber, which has low heat storage, good heat preservation and energy saving effect, light weight and small space occupation.
 vacuum atmosphere furnace
       The furnace shell adopts a double-layer air-cooled structure to ensure that the surface temperature of the furnace shell is close to room temperature. The temperature control system adopts an industrial precision 0.2-level intelligent instrument, PID control, and 30-segment programmable automatic control.

       The vacuum degree can be configured with different vacuum pumps according to user requirements. This series of vacuum atmosphere furnaces are widely used in universities, research institutes and corporate laboratories. They are ideal equipment for  sintering, melting, analyzing and researching metal, non-metal and other compound materials under the protection of atmosphere.

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